New Home Routers

Hi, I saw on your Facebook that there will be new home routers coming out soon.

I am wondering if they are OpenWRT / LEDE based and what chipset will they be using?

What will be the differences between S1300 and B1300?

Will they have PoE support?

Looking forward to those new routers!

The new routers will be based on Qualcomm IPQ4018 series SoC.

B1300 and S1300 will different SoC and different design. They are designed for different purpose.

Both will have option PoE support.

Thanks for the info Alfie.

Will this still be running OpenWRT / LEDE?

I also wonder if it supports 802.11s Mesh Point on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


It still runs openwrt and LEDE. For stock firmware we will use openwrt because it is the SDK from Qualcomm. But LEDE firmware works without problem.

The product will support mesh itself, but not 802.11s. The mesh protocol is not open source.

But I am sure you can use 802.11s or BATMAN-ADV is you use LEDE and opensource drivers.

@alzhao When will it be in the store and what price range will they be in?


should be in 70s to 80s, not sure now.