New install of firmware and cannot connect using repeater

Have a AR300M that was not responding so tried to upgrade firmware. Bricked it so installed openwrt-ar300m-3.212-0407.tar then once it was running upgraded to latest GL-INET firmware. I am unable to connect to a wifi network in my house. I get “wrong key” errors. Let me know what info you need to assist in determining what is wrong.

It may be better to go back to Firmware 3.203 or 3.211.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Tried going back to 3.203 and still not working. I can set it up with plain openwrt but I kinda like the GL-inet UI

Actually looks like a unifi issue. I can connect to my phone if I set it to tethering.

Find settings “band steering” and turn it off on your Unifi.

Thanks. Tha worked. Seems like a bug that should be addressed.i may not control the AP’s I am connecting to…