New iOS app released

just noticed that there is gl.inet app available on the appstore since 3 days ago:

just reading the blog post about goodcloud and new app and i noticed these errord in the english (

“Security your data by Tor”
should be:

“Secure your data with Tor”


“One Hand Setup on Any Mobile Devices”
should be :

" One Handed Setup on Any Mobile Device"

“Manage your GL.iNet devices in difference ways, Anytime and Anywhere”
should be:

“Manage your GL.iNet devices in different ways, Anytime and Anywhere”

“Track the history of the device activities, including upgrade date, who and when connected to your device, and etc.”
Should be:

“Track the history of device activities, including upgrade date or who connected to your device and when”

Also “APP” and “App” should just be “app” or “application”.

There are lots of little issues here and there, but these are the most obvious.

Thank you for your feedback, fixed.