New Models have v3 Tor?

Beta 3.203 firmware available here for a lot of routers.
I have myself installed this one in AR750 and working fine but you have to make exroot /overlay with a external USB or SD card to expand free space in this 16mb flash models if needed.
AR750S for example has 16mb +128mb so no problem with free space.
I also send you the picture of my AR750 because it is visible the version of Tor: 3.1.2-1 and i thought that was your post title “New Models have v3 Tor.”
I’m sorry if that was’t what you have asked for, my english is sometimes not very good.

David, thank you. Yes I think you are talking about something different but that is okay. My English is okay when I talk, not very good when I write. So I understand. I do not have any problems with amount of space on AR750 but thank you.

sorry I didn’t help you. :+1:

It’s okay, thank you very much.