New MT300A owner - couple of questions

Hi Everyone I’ve just bought myself a GLi MT300a, i do have a few questions that i was hoping someone might answer.

In the advanced interface of the router it shows that it has 7 ports available, however quite clearly there is are only two physical ports (WAN & LAN). but i do not quite understand why the interface allows the ability to configure the other ports if there’s no way to connect to them?

could someone give me an example of how they could be used or what purpose they serve?


second question relates to OpenWrt, if i was to take a vanilla version of openwrt and re-flash the router am i going to loose any features from the GLI firmware that aren’t in openWrt ?

Actually it has one ethernet switch that has 7 ports, but only two physical port. Other ports can be configured buy not really work because you cannot connect anything to it.

You can install a clean openwrt and install back the stock firmware any time. See this: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs and Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Hi alzhao,

Thank you for the reply regarding the router it was very helpful, so am I right that the other switch ports cannot be used for anything at all, but they can be configured?

Is there any reason why they cannot be disabled / not connected to any VLAN’s in the router as 3,4,5 are all tagged to Vlan2 on my router.

@kristiann_b, yes you are right.

It is just not necessary to disable these ports. All of them are on the same vlan, because we have a GL-MT750 model, which have all 4 LAN ports. So we just want to use the same config for GL-MT300A