New openwrt-ar750s-3.100-1122 Problems with LuCI

Just tried new openwrt-ar750s-3.100-1122. I have checked Keep All things in Update so maybe that’s the cause but LuCI does’nt appear anymore like in the last previous firmware. Installed LuCI from WebUI but nothing and Advanced menu is not there even after installed LuCI. If manually try to get into LuCI page in Firefox,(erased cache all clean) only WebUI opens ( only)

BUT I have seen new good features like Tor VPN and Killing Internet if VPN not working option (among other things I don’t remember).
I wait for other comments here.


Also same problem but am I the only one?

Just upgraded to. 100 and installed luci from applications tab and advanced works fine here…

OK. I think it must be done a very clean install with this firmware.

Clean install and all ok. Thx!