New products for 2019

I saw a post about a new MIFI coming out with USB C. Are there any other products coming out for the next year or is it too early to talk about them?

Too early to talk about it. Thanks!

Come on Alzhao, we can keep a secret :smile:

So was anything new even announced at CES?

The site was updated recently and i found this:

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I think there will be another new router with multiple antenna. see this thread MWC new router?

If could be the X1200, although the picture is labeled as the X750.

GL-X1200 Industrial-grade dual-band dual-SIM router with maximum of 1200Mbps.

Looks very interesting with an IPQ4029 inside and a reasonable amount of RAM. Not screamingly fast, but certainly a lot better than the MIPS SoCs. Hopefully it will support Bluetooth 5, including BLE and the various mesh profiles. Price point will be the driver.

It has 512mb ram, 16mb Flash + 8gb EMMC, BLE + Zigbee and Mesh.
I don’t know which BL version it is.

@alzhao what Bluetooth version is in the S1300?

It is BLE5.0. Should support mesh.

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It’ll be a bit of a challenge I think - as one gets into that pricing range… as one starts playing with the established big dog’s in the WiFi space.

And there - even Qualcomm/Atheros tends to be more closed source…

Your comment about MIPS - that’s ok, and QCA has been more open there with their chipsets - and that fits into a nice niche between MCU’s and SBC’s - and we’ve benefited from that…