New Purchase GL - AR300M - what can I do?

Hi all,


I have just purchased this router and I have read a few different things but can’t find a definite list of the capability of this product.


I have read I can create a vpn router, use it for tor, repeater extra but is there a guide that talks through what and how to do it?

Any guidance is much appreciated!


Thanks for the link. I have had a look at that section and i have a basic understanding however what I wanted to know was, is there anything fun and extra you can do?


for example, can i create a torrent server with this or use it for media sharing by adding a HD to it and then people on that network can share the files?



I don’t know if you can create a torrent server.

But you can attach USB memory key or hard disk (please use external power support for the hard disk) and share the files in your LAN network.

Yeah, you can set up a VPN client or server. I use it as a proxy connection for hotels and even on airplanes (so I can share one purchased connection).

You can set up a Transmission client, which obviously has the torrent serving functionality, too.

It’s a mini linux, so the answer is pretty much anything.

As said above it’s pretty much a small linux, there is a repository of packages you can install where you’ll find tools, shells, programming languages etc.

You may run into issues (eg. I came across a package that only included a binary but not a shared library the binary depended on) but many things you would not normally run on a router work quite well.

I have not tried to set up a torrent server but I’ve experimented a bit with running an amule-client, unfortunately however it seems to lead to filesystem-corruption when there are many open files, but your mileage might vary.

If you only want to share media on the network that should be easy to do. I run mpd on it to play music over a very cheap usb-soundcard and simply use samba (that already comes installed) to watch movies on an attached USB-harddisk on my tablet.

How do you set up transmission server? i’ve already installed transmission-daemon, transmission-cli, and transmission-remote but transmission client still cannot connect to transmission server

do we have to change firewall setting, if yes how?