New router and new VPN provider

Im fedup with PIA random disconnects and no auto reconnect. It seems so many have simalar problems accross different platforms. Every couple of days i have to login to the router and reconnect the vpn by hitting apply on the openvpn page. Some claim to solve the problem with a script or messing around with setup options but many continue to keep having problems. I currently have the GL-MT300A and im looking at the
GL-B1300 for better wifi and vpn speed. The next VPN provider im thinking of trying is Nordvpn

My question is what vpn speeds are people getting from the GL-B1300 and what vpn providers are people using to get a reliable and fast connection.

GL iNet staff
It would be handy on this site to have a database spreadsheet where we could put in isp speed, vpn provider, vpn speed, router model and a comments box for reliability and uptime of vpn.

Using i get this

ISP router
ping 9
download 48.23 Mbps
upload 13.24 Mbps

PIA VPN on GL-MT300A connected to ISP router

ping 11
download 10.77 Mbps
upload 10.23 Mbps

HUAWEI LTE router → AR750S → MULLVAD VPN (Wireguard) → 30 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up…up to now 5 days without reboot or disconnection :slight_smile:

PIA doesn’t offer Wireguard only OpenVPN.
All small routers run OpenVPN poorly because it is not very optimized for slower devices. You will get around 10mbit max.
Wireguard on the other hand runs almost at full network speed, like @Jax showed.

What max speed would be expected with Wireguard vs OpenVPN on a GLI device?

Would it be a big improvement on speed?

Didn’t Johnex just answer that above?

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Yup, but to be a bit more clear then, OpenVPN around 10mbit max (i get around 6), while Wireguard i have seen 100mbit so far, when using it on a home server though, not from a provider.

I keep searching for Azirevpn for reviews. I cant find much. Anyone used them with GL-inet wireguard routers?

I would recommend Mullvad:

Azirevpn has a nice discount deal running on 2 year subscription and there website has more detail.

They are booth Swedish.

mullvads wireguard service works quite well on my AR750S.
much faster than openvpn.