New Spitz AX user VoIP setup

Hey guys, just bought this amazing device and it’s really impressive for sure. :+1:

Got a question though, a newbie one, I have my Postpaid Plan sim inserted on the device as my internet source. This carrier sim also has Unli calls to mobile and landline and unli SMS which is what I am trying to figure out how I can still use these features even if the sim is steadily on the Spitz to provide internet. Is this where WiFi calling or VoIP comes in? Do I need to download a windows software where it can support calling and or SMS using the number on the sim on the Spitz?

Thank you for your assistance in clarifying this!

Another question, I am looking to try to Cell lock my internet connection to the nearest Cell site, is this possible thru manual inputs via dashboard?

Are there similar settings like this photo?

Hey :wave:

You can’t. Wi-Fi calling is only active when you are inside a Wi-Fi network with a device that has an active SIM card. Since your only SIM is occupied by the router, you will not have the possibility to make calls or receive/send SMS from another device. However, you can receive / send SMS on the modem itself: SMS Forwarding - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Pretty inconvinent and not really useful, so you should consider getting a twin SIM for example.

You can lock to a tower: Cellular - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

I’m not sure if the modem within the Spitz AX could support calling over cellular. If it could then I do not know if it could be setup to integrate with an asterisk (voip) server. If that’s possible then doing all that would give you a voip server, which could be used to make calls.

I know some work by the community was done for the GL-MiFi in this topic: GL-MiFi [EC25-AF] Asterisk Voice channel?

Understand. Thanks for your answers!
So in cell tower locking, it cannot be modified manually just like in the photo I added?

I can’t test it right now bc my router is in my bag and I am lazy :laughing:
But you can run AT commands manually - so you could just adjust everything as you need, as long as you know the AT commands for it.

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Interesting, but hard to comprehend for a newbie like me. Interested to know more about this asterisk thing. Thsnks

No worries, so there are AT commands to bind your connection to the specific cell tower? I haven’t gone researching to that part, just the part where I query servingcell and neighbourcell at commands.

I guess so. My experience tells me that there is an AT command for nearly everything.

There, thank you will dig into this!, :pray:

This is the full manual for AT commands:


root@GL-X3000:~# gl_modem AT ATI
Revision: RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G


root@GL-X3000:~# gl_modem AT AT+CGMI


SSH into the box and have fun!

I just wanted to make a follow up on this question. So i have my main sim card on the router and i do have another sim card on my mobile phone right now but i wanted to make a call that is a wi-fi call using the caller id from that of the sim in the router. As you mentioned i need to have a spearate sim card that can access the cellular network.

Can i make wi-fi calling this time using the caller id of that number in the router?

Sorry very noob question.

No, you can’t. Only the number of the SIM in your phone can be used.

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Bummer, ok thanks, guess ill live with it anyway.