New Spitz AX user VoIP setup

Hey guys, just bought this amazing device and it’s really impressive for sure. :+1:

Got a question though, a newbie one, I have my Postpaid Plan sim inserted on the device as my internet source. This carrier sim also has Unli calls to mobile and landline and unli SMS which is what I am trying to figure out how I can still use these features even if the sim is steadily on the Spitz to provide internet. Is this where WiFi calling or VoIP comes in? Do I need to download a windows software where it can support calling and or SMS using the number on the sim on the Spitz?

Thank you for your assistance in clarifying this!

Another question, I am looking to try to Cell lock my internet connection to the nearest Cell site, is this possible thru manual inputs via dashboard?

Are there similar settings like this photo?

Hey :wave:

You can’t. Wi-Fi calling is only active when you are inside a Wi-Fi network with a device that has an active SIM card. Since your only SIM is occupied by the router, you will not have the possibility to make calls or receive/send SMS from another device. However, you can receive / send SMS on the modem itself: SMS Forwarding - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Pretty inconvinent and not really useful, so you should consider getting a twin SIM for example.

You can lock to a tower: Cellular - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

I’m not sure if the modem within the Spitz AX could support calling over cellular. If it could then I do not know if it could be setup to integrate with an asterisk (voip) server. If that’s possible then doing all that would give you a voip server, which could be used to make calls.

I know some work by the community was done for the GL-MiFi in this topic: GL-MiFi [EC25-AF] Asterisk Voice channel?

Understand. Thanks for your answers!
So in cell tower locking, it cannot be modified manually just like in the photo I added?

I can’t test it right now bc my router is in my bag and I am lazy :laughing:
But you can run AT commands manually - so you could just adjust everything as you need, as long as you know the AT commands for it.

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Interesting, but hard to comprehend for a newbie like me. Interested to know more about this asterisk thing. Thsnks

No worries, so there are AT commands to bind your connection to the specific cell tower? I haven’t gone researching to that part, just the part where I query servingcell and neighbourcell at commands.

I guess so. My experience tells me that there is an AT command for nearly everything.

There, thank you will dig into this!, :pray:

This is the full manual for AT commands:


root@GL-X3000:~# gl_modem AT ATI
Revision: RM520NGLAAR01A08M4G


root@GL-X3000:~# gl_modem AT AT+CGMI


SSH into the box and have fun!