New to VPN and routers

Hi All,

Fairly new to this so apologies if this seems a little silly.
Recently purchased a GL-AR300M and also have express VPN. Have set the router up and have the VPN installed on it and can turn the VPN on and surf the net.

The issue i have is when i visit some apps/sites to watch some videos/shows they will not play and say they are not available in my region. If i then connect my device to my normal home network and turn on the VPN in the express VPN app those videos will then play with no issue.

Its almost like even though the VPN is set up and turned on for the router these apps don’t see that. Is there something that i have missed doing to get this working? I’d like to be able to watch slingtv while i am overseas.


lets say you live in the usa. you connect to your exprressvpn to some netflix-unsupported county. it doesn’t work. then you disable your vpn and your back in the usa and it works again.