New Tor images?

Just bought a 300N and very happy with it. Also looking to buy a 300A but am wondering if tor images will be out for these or even a new image for a 150. Current images are for last year.

Yes. I think so. Will update Tor image together.

Hello, have make a Tor Firmware for mt300a?

how can find it?

sorry still not available. I promise that I will provide next week.

Hello have you make a firmware?

Hi @lbpuma3,

As said, here is the tor firmware for MT300N:

For MT300A,


  1. SSID is PORTAL, password is goodlife
  2. Both WiFi and LAN will use Tor connection
  3. The hardware switch is used to turn Tor on/off. If put on the left side, all connections are via Tor. If put on the right side, you will have Normal network.
  4. If you want to set up the router using webUI (luci), you need to put the switch on the right side (no Tor, normal network) and visit When the switch is on the left side, this page will not be accessible. We suggest that you set up the router first before using Tor.

Hi alzhao - for the AR150, do you recommend using the tor 1.2 (the release is a little old now), or get the normal 2.20 and installing tor manually?

I will research about getting the switch working/dual SSIDs etc, although if you have any links/help that is good too.

@nasna, maybe I can upgrade the firmware, using the same settings as MT300N and MT300A.

I don’t recommend installing Tor manually, unless you trust your skills.

In the new tor firmware, there is no Dual SSID anymore, which I think not good idea.

If you can upgrade the fw, that would be very good. Thank you.
I am comfortable enough installing tor to openwrt (there are many guides, right?) - but if there is anything special that needs to be done for this device… - I don’t know.

There is nothing special for this device. If you can do it by yourself, then it is the best way.