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hello. I am struggling! I believe I have set up my GL-MT3000 Beryl AX wifi router. I got Open VPN with a basic Nord subscription. I primarily seek a hidden ISP while connecting to WiFi while out of the US. I do believe I was connected but keep getting knocked off. does this orange circle indicate a problem?

and if and when I can this connection to hold,

  1. Once connected to the GL router, I am secure with my IP address undetectable? I am using WiFi.
  2. When I connect to GL WiFi with a device other than the one with the Nord software, this same security applies? (I will not be traveling with the device with the software, only the GL router)
  3. I am traveling to the Dominican Republic next week. I will be using wireless service in a rental. Do I need any extra steps, with GL or Nord?

I also see this, which could indicate a problem.

Undetectable is a huge word. Let us say: Your true IP is hidden if you visit websites. For Nord VPN and your local ISP your IP is still visible - since this is how the Internet works.

Please verify that you use DNS of your router and your router is using the VPN DNS as well. You can check by visiting this site while VPN is enabled:

Yup. But please ensure that you read the thingy above. :wink:

That depends on your rental / hotel / whatever.
There are ways to block VPN - you might need to experiment here a bit.

Indeed. You should look into the logs (click “view log”) to understand what’s going on.
And refresh the site, since sometimes it does not refresh automatically.

Thank you Admon! Is there a different VPN service that would offer the security I seek? Meanwhile I am not connected. I looked at the log but I do not know how to read logs. I may need to return this device as I am fairly tech savvy but not this level and not enough time in my day. bummer, but thank you just the same for your help.

Just post the logs here :wink:

I could go on at length about which VPN service is good or bad. Personally, I really like Nord is my personal hate object, because - in my opinion - they are not very trustworthy. Big company, but not trustworthy.

For the average consumer, however, this is completely irrelevant.
And for your purpose of “making unprotected WLAN more secure” too.

VPN has the problem that it can be blocked. There are ways to work around this, but it always depends on the individual case. A VPN provider that also offers Wireguard in addition to OpenVPN (like Mullvad, hint hint) is a good start.

By default, I would use Wireguard as the performance is better. However, if this is blocked, you can use OpenVPN UDP via port 53 or TCP via port 80/443. This allows you to avoid many blocks.

thank you so much. I re-did the configuration with a month subscription to Mullvad. I seem to be connected now. amazing! here are my configurations, correct?

should the USA configuration change when I travel. The country I am next week (DR) is not listed, so … ?

and this, I should only enable wireguard below, correct?

Here you set the country you want to appear to be from. If you just want to make sure that no one can sniff your traffic in the open hotel WLAN, you can simply select a country nearby … or leave it set to the USA. The further away the country is, the lower the VPN speed. Most of the time.

No, this would activate the Wireguard server. This is not necessary as you do not want to connect to your router, but your router connects to the VPN. Simply switch it off again.

thank you again Admon!! It seems to still be working. hooray.

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Glad to hear it’s still working! :partying_face: