New Wireguard Server won't work with DDNS enabled.

I’ve just set up a wireguard server behind a router and it functions but when I turn on Dynamic DNS any clients connected to the server will not work even with the updated profile using the DDNS Domain.

I’ve setup port forwarding on the router to port 51280 but the DDNS test always fails giving the below message: “The DNS record for this DDNS domain could not be found in the DNS server. Please check the Internet connection of the device.”

How do I get the server working with Dynamic DNS? My understanding is that without DDNS enabled as soon as my isp changes my public ip address I will not be able to connect with my wireguard clients.

And there is the main cause for your issue: Since DDNS will take the WAN IP of your router (which is a private one, when you are behind another router) you can’t rely on DDNS in that case.

Put your first router into bridge mode to pass through your WAN IP to your GL-Device or use another DDNS service on your first router to solve this.

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