Newbie can't understand Zerotier setup

OK so I have a virtual IP set up for my router and when I remotely access this IP via the web I get straight to the router web page. My question is. What do I enter in the explorer bar to access other devices on my home system eg Tasmotas etc

If you did the routing correctly, you just need to enter the internal IP of esch device.

I’ve spent hours investigating this and cannot work it out.

Did you create the routes inside your ZeroTier network?

For example it should like this:
image is one network of mine, another. Since I added the necessary routes by the ZeroTier routers, I can access both networks just like they are connected to each other.

My home range is 10.0.0.xx
look OK to me but ??

If is the ZeroTier IP of your router, then it’s fine.
Make sure that Allow Remote Access LAN is enabled as well on your router.

I’m beginning to suspect the Zerotier app on my phone as I get intermittent connection. I think it is dropping out. I will investigate further. Thanks for now.