Newbie - Need help adding this the AR300M to existing network

HELLO everyone - If you’re reading this, I’m stupid - I created another post after spending a few hours tweaking a few settings.

I feel I’m getting close, but not close enough.

Please ignore this one and feel free to help out with the new one.

Thanks so much…

Hi everyone!

First off, I’m extremely excited to get up and running with this little unit. I was planning on running with a WRT unit as a VPN router, alas it has gone missing along with my PSP and I decided it would be best to load up this little guy instead, seeing as it’s even more functional.

But I have a few questions and I’m running on not nearly enough sleep.

So what I want to do…

I have a 192.168.1.x network existing. I have my main ISP modem that feeds into an Actiontec wireless AC router that’s basically a switch.

What I’ve done is connected my AR300M to this router, and the LAN port I’ve sent to a gigabit switch so I can connect my Apple TV, NAS, and my Raspberry Pi to it.

What I intend to do is use this as a VPN access point. Stuff such as Netflix, and to protect my external IP address, and drill back into my home network from outside.

I know that the AR300M starts its own subnet at a .8 versus a .1 or .0 network. Because of this I know leaving it at a .8 will not allow them to communicate to my own network.

But because this is a bit new to me, I know that I have to make some modifications to how my network is setup to get this to work.

I know I can specify a network range in the GL’s DHCP settings, but I have a few potential conflicts. My main router is .254 and my “switch” router is 253. Amazon LOVES to steal the high 200s. My main router is an Actiontec T3200M and I can’t specify a DHCP range.

With the connection I have currently:

Main Router ----> Tp Link “Switch” —> ar300M —> Gigabit Switch —> VPN required devices (NAS, Apple TV, etc)

what would be the best steps to ensure I have everything set up properly where each different device can view the other on the network, but any device I have connected to the 300M only access the internet via the VPN settings.

Thank you so much, I’m very excited to participate in the forums and I hope I’m not tooooo stupid to annoy the lot of everyone here, I’ve heard so many good things!

Thanks in advance

what did you ever end up doing in your setup?

I just got rid of the router, I’ve since upgraded to an Asus router and changed providers, the setup was way too complicated and I’d given up, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

i got it to work…the mt3000 is MUCH better than that old 1300. but im curious what is your setup, did you follow a blog?


Oh congtrats!!

My setup is an Asus AX86U which does all and WAY more for my system, plus it has wifi 6 which is something my newer PC uses.

Attached to that I have some Deco mesh routers set into AP mode.

I was going to install a third party router firmware onto my main Asus router, but it’s more than powerful enough that it’s not even needed! As well, I’m generally running VPNs that I need bound through Docker containers, or I’m running them on a per-device basis.

Thankfully it’s a pretty brainless setup!

can you pm me with your contact, i would pay you to set this up for me, a reasonable rate (or help me set it up)
i basically want to go abroad, but connect to my home router’s ip for work

how about if you have email or the like on your mobile device, but your travel router goes down , while traveling, what would be the best way to read emails on your device? Seems like tailscale and the like are good backups in such situations

Would love to but unfortunately as I mentioned above I never got it working (sadly as you can see no one replied)

Rather than paying someone I would look into just picking up a asus router that has built in OpenVPN support. In the end it will be cheaper and much easier to set up and get working.

My current router that I mentioned above comes built in with OpenVPN support and I simply toggle the connection on when I want to access my router while at home.

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im talking about to mimic your current setup. i am planning to take the deco meshs with me as travel routers