Newbie needs help setting up GL-A1300 for OpenVPN

Hello. I’ve had VPN Unlimited service for years so I am familiar with using VPN running on devices, but I want setup my GL-A1300 so I can plug it into an AirBNB host’s router and stream video services internationally to all my devices. I followed the steps and created an OpenVPN client by creating the configuration file but it never completes (says “client is starting” but nothing happens) and doesn’t even ask me for my VPN Unlimited login anywhere. See pics below. What am I missing here?

Hi, @wigby,

Perhaps the information from the “view log” will help clarify the situation.
Can you post it here?


pay attention to the line RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address:
I am not an expert, but in your case it may be a firewall forbidding rule, incorrect traffic rule, bad DNS settings, or an incorrectly configured file for the VPN client.

try to ping from any device connected to your A1300 / or better using the luci shell of your Gl-A1300 in the ping section

Thank you. I am now able to connect to my devices to internet via the A1300 using as a WAN. I don’t see any errors in the log or other menus that are there before, but how do I know if I’m using my VPN service right now?

You can also use the Traceroute option to see where the chain breaks on the way to your OVPN server.
As you can see, everything works fine on my device.

You may use a web service (eg ) that shows your public IP address and your location. If the ip address and location match your OVPN service, then you are using vpn, if not, the vpn does not work or does not work correctly.

Try to ON/OFF VPN client on your A1300 and see the result from
With vpn enabled and disabled, public ip addresses must be different.

Got it! A soon as I temporarily disabled OpenVPN, my IP address changed back to the home’s router IP address.

And my when I ran my VPN software on my other computer, the IP address matches the NY VPN server.

And my pings and Nslookup look similar to yours.

Thanks again!