Newbie question - how to connect remote client to vpn

Sorry to ask my 1st and dumb question here.

I have set up Brume 2 vpn with wireguard. All seems to be well and good. I use Surfshark to connect.

The dumb question is how do I connect to my home network.

I see that the vpn tunnle is using whereas my internal router (2nd router from the ISP modem) is using

Do I use Surfshark app for computer and mobile or should I use wireguard app ?

Do you need to connect to the WireGuard Sever on your router to access your home network when you’re out of town? It has nothing to do with Surfshark. You should generate a Profile on the WireGuard Sever page and then use your WireGuard App to scan the QR code that pops up.
Please note that if your GL router does not have a public IP, you will need to do port forwarding on your ISP router to ensure that your phone can connect to the VPN server on your router.

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got it now, thanks a lot. You guys here are much better than the support.

I asked the question there and got this answer

If you want to access the local NAS storage, then VPN server is just ok.

You shall connect to this VPN server on your remote device, then you will be able to access the NAS storage.

​Thank you.