Newby help: add Brume 2 VPN to existing Home network

I’ve been trying to pour through the volumes of information trying to figure out how to add a new MT-2500 Brume 2 to an existing home network. The purpose is to add a hardware VPN, but not replace the existing Router, DHCP or Wifi. What is the configuration I should set inside the MT-2500 to have it host the VPN service and then connect to the internet? (apologies for such a Noob request in advance)

You can get inspiration from this document.

100% drop in gateway mode. My only suggestion would be to reserve a nice ip address for Brumes MAC address on your primary gateway before disabling dhcp on it first. Like a .2 address or something like that. Makes it easy to remember later on.


Thank you. This is what I needed. It’s working like you said.

I have some really, really basic noob questions to ask. Would I be able to bother you with a couple of them? I’m almost up and running now but my ignorance is holding me back. I am reading and trying to learn but unfortunately at this stage of learning a simple item becomes a complete roadblock…

We all started somewhere. Though I would keep to one topic per question least things get too muddled & be sure to always post your device name/model & its firmware version.

Don’t be afraid to test various setup configurations based on the tutorials/manual; it’s possible to easily ‘undo’ based on backups:

Yeh go for it… that’s what the forums are for…

Thank you.
I set reserved an ip address for the Brume in my DD-WRT router.
It saves, but weirdly the list is then goes blank. When I try to save again, it says it has already been saved, yet I don’t see any list of reserved IP addresses… I’ve looked under other tabs, but can’t find any list identifying the Brune reserved ip address. How can I confirm the IP address is now securely locked in for the Brune’s MAC address?

Thank you. I will try to keep them to a single question and sure appreciate the guidance.
Should I post them as a brand new question at the highest level or inside this thread?

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The newest posted or edited jumps to the top so don’t worry too much about ‘priority’. Go for a new thread per question. It’ll help things focused & easier for others in the future if they encounter a similar problem.

You can always link back to previous threads if you need to by simply posting its link as I already demonstrated (re: HOW-TO).

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Can you post a screenshot of DD-WRT’s list of static DHCP leases/assignments & currently connected ‘active clients’ (or similar verbiage)?

One way to know if the correct IP is handed out, on Brume, as long as it’s set to receive lease via DHCP, restart Brume.

If it comes back up with the reserved IP then the config on dd-wrt has taken effect.

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Each of the “blank” lines under the static leases was an attempt to add the Brune

The Brune definitely shows up on the list of active clients (but without a name). It is identified by the IP address and MAC address, but it did that before adding it as a Static Lease.

Oh, so you have to add the MAC of the Burme 2, a hostname, IP address in the same range as the DD-WRT router (eg: if the DD-WRT router is I can’t recall what a good Client Lease Time would be.

The Burme 2’s MAC should be on the stick on its bottom.

Ok, I will do that. Thank you.

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That is my current understanding as well. Leaving the lease time blank is supposed to make it indefinite. The weird thing is that, after saving, it does not show up as being reserved, but when I make a second attempt to save it, I get a message that it has already been saved… I was hoping to find someway to see it on a “Reserved” list somewhere.

It’s been about a decade since I used DD-WRT. IIRC there’s some sort of System Overview page &/or a tab/sub-category or page related to it showing which client devices are connected it. I think it might be under Status.

It should show the MAC, IP of the Burme 2. If you just set a static IP via DHCP lease you might need to reboot the Burme 2 to force it to grab the updated (static) IP.

Click around; you’ll find it I’m sure.

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Ok thank you. Thanks for letting me ask these types of questions. I’ll move up the learning curve as quickly as I can.