Newer AR750?

Will there be a newer version of the GL.iNet GL-AR750? The AR750 is getting pricey, about $50 bucks. It used to be $30-$40 on Amazon and I would love if the size stayed the same but gig ports with internal WiFi and larger storage, like 256mb NAND

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I wish the Certa was only 50.00USD; where I am it’s 81USD.

The Slate Plus lack uSD but has USB 3.0 w/ ac. Slate AX has Wi-Fi 6, USB3, uSD, 550+ Mbps WireGuard… & priced accordingly.

I have the SlateAX and Brume2, AR300, MT300, but I really want something the size of the Brume1 but with good built in WiFi.

Buy 39.3 on Amazon, you can buy it on Amazon

I fully agree with you. I have an assortment of GL iNet routers including: USB150, n300, AR300m, AR750 and a AR750S-EXT. I would really like to see a new product no bigger than my AR750S-EXT.

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Yeah, I think the Brume1 and AR750 are the same size. I’m sure they can stack a WiFi unit on top of the board via gpio pins or something, like they did for the AR300 a long time ago.

The Slate Plus GL-A1300 may be the intended replacement for the Slate GL-AR750S. It is bigger and heavier, but more powerful.

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Yeah that’s a little bit bigger than I wanted.

The brume with built in WiFi would be perfect

The BrumeW has wifi (only 2.4GHz), but GL.iNet discontinued it. I bought one as a more powerful replacement for my GL-AR750S-Ext. I think they stated on this forum that the wifi was not so good, but it worked fine for me.

Yeah I heard the same. The wifi wasn’t good, so I bought the non wifi but I really loved the form factor.