Nextdns on gl-s1300 will drop internet

Hi! I have just got a gl-s1300, and setting up nextdns has been very frustrating!!
I set it up with a custom nextdns ID and at first it works great, but the occasionally at random times, i check my phone or my computer to see that there is no internet at all!! for some reason, none of my connected devices would be able to resolve any domain names, and the only way to fix this is to disable custom dns in the router admin panel and then enable it back again!
this is very frustrating since it’s happening 2-3 times daily and sometimes i don’t even know that there is no internet connection and i miss important messages from work!
i reset the router, updated to latest firmware, reset it again, but nothing seems to fix the problem! if I can’t fix it, i will just return it…

NextDNS has a bug that it may break. Generally it can run well for several days. 2-3 times daily seems too frequent.

Cloudflare etc works OK.

not sure what type of bug in NextDNS! i didn’t find any mention of such a bug online.
i actually tried using NextDNS on each device instead of using it on the router, and it has been working perfectly for the last week!
this is not ideal as the whole point of using custom DNS in the server is to have a central location for such a configuration instead of configuring each device individually!
can you please elaborate if this bug is in NextDNS or in the router? what steps are you taking to fix that bug?

It you turn off “DNS rebind protection” in more settings->custom dns, NextDNS will be more stable.

But it will run into problem after several days. The problem may be in Stubby, which is the client software used to connect to NextDNS.

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Next yet find a solution to fix this.

I think you probably need to implement via DoH rather than DoT via Stubby.

Stubby needs Openssl and GL’s openssl is not compatible.