NFS External Drive Support

I have a GL AX 1800 running the v4.1.0. I am trying to connect to an usb drive remotely. In the product tutorial page, it indicates that NFS is available for my model and shows pictures of the toggle on the setup tutorial pages. I however, do not have this functionality on my admin page. How can I enable this functionality on my router.

Do you mean that Network Storage is not found in the APPLICATIONS directory?

The option for NFS is not there…I have options for samba, WebDAV and DLNA but not NFS

Update to 4.2.0 beta

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Please download version 4.2 from GL.iNet download center and install.

Ok will try….why does it say firmware is up to date on the admin page ? Is it a beta, if so how stable is it?

The admin panel will only show the stable version.
There are some known bugs in the beta version. However, beta 3 is generally stable. The next compilation will be release1.