No connection internet


I recently received a new portable router (BERYL MT-3000).

I’m having a problem connecting via Wifi/Ethernet even though I haven’t touched anything on the administration panel.
I’m a resident of France (for those who would like more information about the problem).

Can you solve my problem?

Have a nice day.

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Hey :wave:

please follow this thread to provide some more information: How to get support quickly

We need to know how you connect to the internet, from which device do you test, does DNS work (f. e. can you open, did you got some IP address, etc. etc.

I connected with my phone and my pc

On the PC I can only connect to the admin panel via the ethernet cable but in wifi it connects but I get a “connection impossible” message.

By connecting to the address I’m on the official site

That means DNS isn’t possible.
What is your uplink connection? Do you use DHCP?

Go to Network > DNS on your router and post a screenshot of it.

Please change it from Automatic to Encrypted DNS

Yep, does it work then?

On wifi I always get this error “Connected to device. Internet connection not possible”

With ethernet cable, I always access the administration panel.

Also, my ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN port and not the WAN port.

Can you draw what you connected? Modem to router?

Ignore warning within the GUI of the router, they are false sometimes.

So can you open Google on any device connected to your router right now?

Please enable „Overwrite DNS settings for all client devices“ as well and try again.

I just tick and leave as it is and it’s still the same.

The router is connected by ethernet cable (LAN) to my pc, that’s all.

Eh. And how do you connect the router to the internet?

via the ethernet card on my motherboard

That does not work.

Connection must be:
Internet ↔ Router ↔ PC

So no Google. Only work lan network. You need wan (Internet) cable to router. Could be from modem, your phone usb Tethering (your mobile data), WiFi Repeater (public WiFi such cafe, hotel, etc)

See a link from @admon