No connections to Goodcloud from VPNUnlimitedapp

I can’t connect to from my Brume router when using VPNUnlimitedApp profile (WireGuard).
I just chatted with them and they claim that the Goodcloud website is blocking their IP. They were going to look into it. Anyone know a workaround?

EDIT: I already use VPN policies based on mac address, so I can’t add the Goodcloud website to the list.

GoodCloud website don’t block any IP. There is no reason to block ip.

Are you using AR750s Slate? what is your firmware version?

There is a bug fixed in 3.104 which you have trouble with website using CDN. But not sure if this is the issue you met.

I have the Brume with test firmware 3.104, august 27, installed.
As of today the Goodcloud website started working again. I guess someone fixed the problem.