No Internet Access When Using Wireguard - 300M

I just got a new 300M and all works fine unless I am connected to a wireguard VPN (router as client).
I did this with a config file (as the app’s Torguard setup seems borked - another issue there) and the UI shows an active connection to the internet, as well as an active connection to the VPN.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Toggling kill switch settings
  • Setting VPN policies
  • Resetting device/loading latest firmware without saving settings

I see in the release notes and in other threads there was a routing issue that was resolved in the latest release, but this sure feels like the same symptom.

The latest beta solve issue in wireguard crash or not stable. But your issue is that it cannot connect at all.

Can you leave Kill switch and vpn policy and only check wireguard?

Torguard wireguard should just work.

To be clear, the router was indeed connecting to the VPN, but traffic wasn’t being moved (save for what appeared to be a small amount of overhead based on the status indicator).

Late last night I got it to work, oddly, by setting up an OVPN connection, stopping that connection, and then trying the Wireguard connection again. It seems to work reliably now. Very strange.

The UI for Torguard setup is still borked in the app, but that’s another issue.

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