No Internet Connection GL-MT1300

It seems I’m missing something. Was able to setup and connect to my home WiFi and use the GL router and connect all my devices including a camaca I would use in a Hotel to keep an eye on my dog and have a safe network connection. This all worked fine on a dry run at home. Now I’m at my 2nd hotel and have the same problem, connected but no internet. One thing odd is I’m able to connect without it asking me for a password, nor do I have a dropdown as shown in the manual to add. My phone and Laptop needed to type in the password to connect. Would appreciate any help , Thanks in advance,

After connecting to the hotel’s open wifi SSID, they usually have a captive portal that displays a page on which you have enter information (e.g., password, name, room number, etc.) and/or accept terms & conditions before the connection is allowed to access Internet.

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Thank you very much for the response. At a new hotel, this time I got the drop down to enter the password, however, this time the GL cant connect to the hotel’s Guess WiFi at all, I just don’t get it. It seems I either have some setting off or the router is defective. At home I was able to simulate with no problem. Again thanks for trying to help!

Some hotels have open wifi that do not require entering an SSID password, then you get a captive portal page to enter information before the connection is allowed to access Internet. I was in such a hotel over the past few days with a GL-AR750S Slate router.

Some hotels have secured wifi that requires entering an SSID password that the hotel gives you, then you do not get a captive portal page. The password is case-sensitive and has to be entered exactly. If you are not able to connect to the wifi, then you may not have entered the password correctly, or the hotel did not give you the correct password.

It is somewhat rare, but some hotels may require you to enter both an SSID password and enter information on a captive portal page.

From your description, I am not completely clear on which situation you are encountering at the new hotel you are at currently.

I recommend the travelmate package for openwrt…

It solves all those needs you have in a hotel environment…

What is the hotel name?

Some hotels use cisco networks and reject all connection from routers.

I also wonder if you can try the latest snapshot GL.iNet download center

It fixed a bug when repeating Fritzbox but not sure if this is your case.