No Internet Connection! in display and GUI when connection is LTE

On 3 modems and with firmware (3.100 through to 3.211) I get the message

“No Internet” on the LED Display and also “No Internet Connection! Find new networks to reconnect.” within the LUCI web GUI, however LTE connectivity works and I can surf the web. This does not occur when the router is in repeater mode, just on cellular.

This occurs with the following devices
Mudi (GL-E750)

Amarok (GL-X1200)

This happens on various carriers and with firmware (3.100 through to 3.211) only on LTE.

I have te same problem with my mango. when connecting to home wifi, i have internet. when i connect through SIM-USB-Router Huawei E5567(wifi) i have no internet.
I upgraded latest firmware, restarted , no luck.
please let me know if you found a solution.

The GL-MT300N Mango with separate Huawei E5576 LTE wifi hotspot is a bit different setup from the GL-E750 Mudi and GL-X1200 Amarok, both of which have built-in LTE modems.

Can you post a screenshot of the full Admin Panel → Internet webpage that shows all the connections to the Internet?

This seems a different story. Have you changed Huawei or GL router’s subnet to others because both use by default.

Yes I did change the default subnet. So are you saying that the router is using a hard coded subnet in the script to detect connectivity?

Not that I had no issues previously.

I believe the subnet comment was for karim, whose GL-MT300N Mango and Huawei E5576 is different than your GL-E750 Mudi and GL-X1200 Amarok.

In karim’s setup, the 2 devices cannot have the same default subnet, or the GL-MT300N cannot route between LAN and WAN.

Pls check if your network disables ping to Google. The router use ping to detect internet connection.

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