No Internet connection with AT&T Prepaid on Spitz 750V2

Hello all,

Hoping someone can give me some advice with using AT&T Prepaid on a Spitz 750V2. I have an activated SIM with AT&T’s $30 5GB plan and when the SIM is installed in the Spitz the status page reports a connection and even grabs a 10.x IP address, however, there is no Internet through the router. When I attempt to browse to a webpage I am redirected to an ATT page which tells me I don’t have any data. I’ve tried using both the ‘broadband’ and ‘nxtgenphone’ APNs with the same result (though I do get a different IP address when I change APNs).

Wondering if anyone else has had experience using these routers with an AT&T Prepaid account and if there is some setting I am missing.

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your question but wanted to present a possible alternative.

If you have decent T-Mobile service in your area you might give them a try. T-Mobile is pretty much plug and play with the GL-iNet cellular routers. And, it’s cheaper than AT&T with 10 GB for $30 or only $20 if you only need 5 GB.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it. Sadly, the only provider which has coverage where I am is AT&T so for better or worse I’m stuck with them.

In case anyone else lands here, in my cause it was something that needed to be sorted on AT&T’s side. Called in and apparently I was on a plan which didn’t support hotspotting, they changed my plan and the Spitz started working right away.