No internet on magbox via GL-MT300N-V2

Just got this mini router(GL-MT300N-V2) to use it only for my mag tvbox.
So I made the settings and also insert the confg files from a free vpn provider.
All seemed right, so I connected with ethernet via WAN the mini router to my isp modem, and then I connected with ethernet via LAN the mini router to my mag tvbox.
But the magbox got me a message that there is NO INTERNET.
I went to the settings of the magbox and everything looked fine:
ethernet: enabled
ip: correct
network mask: correct
gateway: correct (

What could be wrong?

Mini router’s WAN ----> ISP modem’s LAN
Mini router’s LAN ----> TVbox
pc or phone wifi —> Mini router’s wifi to continue setting up.

ops sorry!!I wrote them wrong in my previous post…(edited)
yes that was what I did:
Mini router’s WAN ----> ISP modem’s LAN
Mini router’s LAN ----> TVbox

but No internet on magbox
Is there any other setting that I have to do except those I mentioned and after the connection with the mag?

So you enabled vpn?

Does the vpn connected successfully?

Can you pc use the Internet?

I enabled vpn and was connected succefully (as was written in the UI menu)
To tell you the truth, when i saw that it was succefully connected, I turned off wifi and without checking it in the pc, I connected it to the magbox

You can disconnect your tvbox, connect your pc via cable and check again?

I’ll do that as soon as I get home, and I’ll return here to tell you…

OK. So I have connect the ethernet LAN of mini to my pc. I entered the UI and then connected an ether net from WAN to IPS modem.
Then turned off the wifi to see if I have internet… No I haven’t…
(In the UI, the icon color for ‘‘cable’’ and ‘‘Lan clients’’ are green)

Is the PC able to access the Internet without connecting to the VPN?

Please post a screenshot of the full Admin Panel page on the router. What is the WAN IP Address, Gateway and DNS Server?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Problem solved! I reset the router and made again the steps without disconnecting my pc from the ISP modem until the setup of the VPN ended. Now is working and I tested it with the magbox.
I also downloaded the mobile app in order to be able to change the servers from my mobile via wifi, but seems that it hasn’t have that option if you have already uploaded all of them in one rar file

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