No internet or wifi when openvpn was connecting

Once press the “Connect” button in OpenVPN Client page, there will be no internet, no wifi. After a few seconds, if the vpn client was luckly connected, the internet will be back and also the internet. If I pressed the “Disconnect” button, the internet and wifi was gone and soon be back.
It was really annoying. Any idea to avoid this?
It shouldn’t close the wifi or internet while the vpn was connecting or disconnecting.

What’s the model of your router?

I have a GL-MT300N-V2(v3.105) and a GL-MT1300(v3.200).
They have the same issue.

Pls try 3.201 snapshot.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried 3.201 beta6, it seemed to have some new features.
But it was not stable, I have encounted a lot of new problems.
After upgrade, It indeed didn’t close wifi when vpn was connecting, but still no internet.
It will still close the wifi when diconnected manually.

I always get 500 when opened the luci web interface after reinstalled luci package.
Another big problem is that now I cannot access the internet if it wasn’t connected to a vpn server, while the router self can.
So I have to flush it back to the original verion(v3.105), but no improvement.
At last I revert to the factory default settings, and everyting is ok.
I guess that it’s my configs settings that make everything strange.
Now I’m looking forward for the v2 release version, and hope you can make the vpn function better.

In order to prevent to data leakage,it is not allowed to communicate when vpn is connecting.
And for this problem ‘It will still close the wifi when diconnected manually’, We will continue to optimize.