No Internet - Repeater - PIA VPN through Wireguard (AX3000)

I have set up my AX3000 as a repeater. I then used the App to connect to PIA via Wireguard.
When I go to use my devices, I am not getting internet.

Does the VPN on your device show a successful connection?

It does.
I have to warn, I’m not tech savvy, so will need additional details on specific questions/possible solutions.


Not sure if this is relevant. When I access the network from a different device, and run my VPN from that device, the internet connection works.

Can the device connect to the Internet when you disable the VPN?

When the VPN is disabled at the GLI UI, the devices connect to the internet no problem (through the private repeated network).

Are you using proxy mode is the Global Proxy?
Have you enabled Block Non-VPN Traffic in Global Options?

Proxy Mode: Global Proxy
Block Non-VPN Traffic is not enabled.

What is your App version? If it is not the latest version (2.3.0), please delete the configuration and upgrade to the latest version and try again.

The app is on the latest version 2.3.0

Could we start a remote check? Please PM me.