No internet when VPN client switched on

Hi I am using a GL-X750-713 for a mobile site and I have set up a linode server with a wireguard VPN i get the green button when I connect the vpn but within about 30 seconds i get the message No internet connection. As soon as i switch it off the internet comes back on. to check i also set up an open vpn server and uploaded the config files and exactly the same thing is happening. Any ideas?


So for openvpn, it connects but have no Internet?

After vpn is established, can you connect to your own server’s subnet?

There are three possibilities:

  1. Router routing problem. But if both wireguard and openvpn has this problem and this is likely not the reason.
  2. DNS problem. When this happens, try to ping on your pc. So ping works then it is likely your dns is not resolved. If you vpn does not have dns config, maybe you can just set up custom dns on the router.
  3. Server problem. Pls make sure you server allows the vpn client to asscess Internet.