No Internet with GL-B1300

I have a GL-B1300.

The WAN port is plugged into my wired network.
I have a DHCP server that is assigning the WAN port settings using the GL-B1300’s MAC address
I can log into the UI from a WiFi connected device on (Why can’t I log into the management UI via the IP of the WAN port on my wired network?)
I can see that the WAN port has the correct IP, it has the IP of my gateway, it has the IP of my DNS server.
I use a PIHole as my DHCP and DNS server.
Using the PiHole I can watch requests from devices.
If I make an HTTP request from the WiFi attached device I can see the request being forwarded via the GL-B1300
I can also see that the request was not blocked by the PiHole

Yet I don’t get the page I requested.

Any thoughts on this or what I can look at next?

Hi Richard,

You can’t log into the management interface from the WAN by default. I believe this is done for security reasons since the http server isn’t using SSL.

You can modify the firewall rules to allow that port in. I don’t recommend this for Internet connected devices. Is there a reason you are connecting the WAN to your local network instead of the Internet? Might be some better solutions like making the B1300 an access point on your lan. :wink:


Do you mean that clients on B1300 cannot access Internet at all?

My Modem/Router as supplied by my internet provider just has a bank of RJ45s on the back so any wifi router would be on the home network as I believe the modem connections are a hub not a switch.

I can’t use the GL-B1300 as an access point.
I bought it to use as a dedicated VPN access point so my Chromecast could connect to France so I can watch French TV.
The GL-B1300 only supports working as a VPN client when it is in Router mode.

You made me think so I went to test something other than HTTP and THE ROUTER IS WORKING PERFECTLY!
So either; it’s broken with an intermittent fault, my ISP was intermittent and I got caught out (not likely as I has a bunch of other devices up at the same time on different connections) or it takes a while to bed in?

Anyway, as it works now the configuration must be correct.
I guess I’ll see if it remains working.


Glad to know that. But seems a dns problem