No option for deleting VPN Configuration Files in 4.x WebAdmin on Slate AX?

The 3.x version of the manual OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs
says “You can also add, delete a configuration file or even purge all your uploaded configuration files.

However the 4.x version, on my Slate AX, doesn’t seem to have such an animal. Did I miss it somewhere please?



Similar thread but for server, said it would be fixed?

If you scroll down the page, you will see OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs (

It was fixed in 4.0.1 version.

Thank you but I do not see anywhere on that page how to delete or remove an entire profile?

You can delete servers from eg NordVPN, but I cannot see a remove delete or purge option?

I am running 4.01 release 5.


Thank you. OK, so there’s a few things going on here.

  1. There is indeed a bin option for all profiles thank you, but you can only get to see it if you click “NordVPN” at the top of the page. This is not really not all intuitive as it suggests you are ONLY selecting it to deal with NordVPN profiles; and not other profiles or groups. In my view it is misnamed or poorly named, see below. It even has Udpate Servers below it, suggesting it is all NordVPN related.

  1. Pressing that “NordVPN” menu, I found and I can finally delete ONE of my OpenVPN profiles called “SmurfVPN”. However there is another profile there that I simply cannot seem to delete as there is no RUBBISH BIN next to it. It is called app_custom_SmurfPC. How do I delete that please? I tried both the GLI App and the WebAdmin.

  1. I now see a delete all servers option in the NordVPN profile (only), right at the bottom. Thanks!

This is all accessed from my iOS phone btw, in case it is related to that. Not from a PC.


This is designed to expand the grouping menu to switch the current group when the user clicks on the icon on the left. Just like expanding the paging menu to switch pages when the user clicks on the icon in the upper right corner. They use the same icon. If this menu also expands when you click on NordVPN, it is probably a UI bug.

This design is sketchy and only only works for users already familiar with the desktop style. because this page is mainly provided for desktop clients, with only minimal compatibility for mobile clients.
We are optimizing the vpn functionality on the app to be available to mobile users. You will be able to see this version in October at the latest if you joined testflight.

This group is used to save the configuration files that the App sends to the router and can’t be delete on the UI at current version.
We will review this issue. “FromApp” and “NordVPN” are built-in groups that cannot be deleted, but should allow the user to clear all configuration file in group.

OK thank you, good to know. Will either wait for the udpate or delete everything and start over.