No remote access via Goodcloud with GL-X750

Hi there.

Using a GL-X750 with the latest firmware and the glinet app on iOS.
I just can’t access my router remotely. Most of the times the app says, that I need to connect to the wifi (so it basically wants a local connection which isnt possible remotely). Then I see that I need to log in to goodcloud. After that, it shows all my clients online like I was home. So it somehow doesnt update the client list.
All in all, it’s a quite buggy experience. I don’t want to log in all the time, and I want the router info updated.

Who can help me out with this?

From my experience, this is normal for the iOS app.
I have to login into GoodCloud every time I want to connect to remote devices.

ok. but that still doesnt solve the problem of not updating the clients list.

tried using goodcloud via browser on my mobile. still doesnt work. it just doesnt update the client list

Sorry for the late reply. Did you mean that some clients are offline, but still shown online on goodcloud? There is something going wrong with the interaction between device and goodcloud.Please unzip the attached file and replace /usr/bin/gl_clients_update with it, and reboot the device.Thanks! (7.5 KB)

yes. for example, i’m leaving home with my laptop. when i check gl.inet on my phone, i still see the laptop being online at home, even a day after.

so how do i replace the file with the one in the zip file? via ssh or whats the procedure?

You can use winscp(WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download) to upload that file.

i’m using a mac.
is there a “simple way” to solve this? or does it end up in a hack job that turns me into the linux nerd i always wanted to be back in the days?

SSH into the device and execute:

rm /usr/bin/gl_clients_update && wget -O /usr/bin/gl_clients_update && reboot

what does this do exactly?

It does the same @fangzekun recommend - just directly on the device itself.

will that command delete any info, e.g. the client names or ip adresses of my devices?

Don‘t think so. It just replaces the script itself.

ok, done. it rebootet. the client names are still here.
now the glinet doesnt even show me a non-updated client list. i am logged in, but i get an error that i'm not logged in.
it only works when i'm local.

does the glinet app even work with goodcloud?