No U Boot on AR300M

I am having booting to u boot… I put my IP address to unplug the router. Plug it back in while holding the reset button and with only 1 Ethernet port plugged in. I go to on my web browser it just says page not found. Have I eraced my u boot?

Can you check the url?

Is it

Now that goes to the right page

Bit seems like whenever I try to flash a different firmware it just goes to GL firmware… Where is the factory img of offical openwrt

I got libercmc working but I’m looking to have offical openwrt on it

I don’t understand what you mean by official.

You have 2 options, running the “official” lede/openwrt which is the one you can download from the main GL-iNet site and that came with your router, and then you have “unofficial” vanilla stock lede/openwrt that you can build yourself, but then you also need to usually download extra kernel modules for wifi and so on, and you also won’t get any non opensource drivers that gl-inet has loaded for higher performance.

You can also compile the “official” one, same as you can download here and that comes with the router, using the “imagebuilder” for your router.

do you guys have your kernel sources available

I was more meaning just the kernel… The gpl specifically states that kernel sources must be made public

Or any way you guys can build the matching kmod-wireguard with the new wireguard version

@alzhao I have no idea where the kernel sources are, can you link him?

I had a developer ask me for the kernel sources because he was trying to build kmod-wireguard for the ar300m

I think you mean openwrt source code. Just clone from openwrt and built according to their instructions

Well I’m pretty sure GL has a modified kernel that I was interested in

If you mean nand, you can also just clone the code from github

We are not modifying too much. If we need to modify some important features we will consider to submit to openwrt, unless they don’t accept that.