No USB3 drivers for Brume II (FW4.5.0RC) installed?

as the Brume II has an USB3 port, is there a reason, why no USB3 driver is installed (–> [OpenWrt Wiki] Installing and troubleshooting USB Drivers )

at least with Firmware 4.5.0RC?

Wouldn’t it make sense to do put it in the Standard Firmware (from V4.5.0 on)?
Is there a reason to not use the USB 3 driver?


Yes, you are right, maybe the engineer forget it, I will feedback this problem to engineer, I think we will add USB3.0 driver in the next standard firmware(our release plan is the end of this month). Now, the temporary solution is you can install it manually in the web interface.

Very interesting… I have checked my Brume II too which still has fw 4.4.6 and it also lacks kmod-usb3:

So I guess the Brume II has literally no usb3 speed/support out of the box? Better let your dev team check this is working with a hotfix fw update and if there is anything else needed to be installed. This cant be a simple “mistake”.

Or does this have a reason that your dev team secretly disabled it because of some issue? Hope the Brume II will have working USB3 support it was a reason why I bought it.

Maybe your dev team then should also “check” what they also maybe “forgot”.

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There isn’t any secret to disabled usb3.0, this is a mistake, just engineers forgot it. you can install it in the web interface, I think you install it manually is same with we pre-install it, if you have any problem use it with you install this package manully, we will help you to check and solve.
I have ask the Test Department to add a test case for this function with the new firmware, we won’t forget it again.

Wouldn’t it makes sense to also install these drivers in the standard install set:

1. To install support for UASP aka USB Attached SCSI (supported by many USB drives and drive enclosures, especially if USB 3.0. It enhances performance if it’s supported by both the drive and the host controller in your device):

opkg install kmod-usb-storage-uas

You may get even better results in your reviews:-)

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OK, got it, I will record this requirement and tell the R&D team, they will assess this requirement, thank you!