No VPN with wired connection

I love this little router, it solves to many problems when traveling… I don’t want my job to know im not in the United States. I have set up my own wireguard server and its working. But when I connected the LAN port, it shows my IP as coming from Mexico, when I disconnect the LAN port and use WIFI, it shows USA. (Beryl router)

I have the following enabled:

  • Use VPN for all router processes
  • Internet kill switch
  • VPN Policies by Mac Address
  • Don’t use VPN for specific devices
  • Use VPN for guest network

with all these set, it still doesn’t use VPN for LAN connection…

When you connect via LAN, can you make sure the mac address recorded in the router is correct?

PC can use random MAC address in the network card settings.

Make sure when your device connect via wifi or lan it get the same IP address, because it use the same mac address.

Hello, I do get different IP Address with WIFI and LAN, they are separate physical adapters in the PC. This is expected. I have confirmed that enabling VPN policies causes the LAN connected devices to ignore the VPN altogether, no matter which device is connected to it. Wireless works as expected, but wired connections don’t work with VPN when VPN policies are enabled.

The MAC addresses for one of my devices is hardcoded (physical hardware, there is no mechanism to generate random MAC) as well but still won’t use VPN .

And of course the MAC address reported in web viewer matches one on LAN adapter, but my policy is “Do not use VPN for xxx” so by default all should use vpn unless in this list, however this only works for WIFI not LAN

Now I see this is really causing an issue because the real IP “leaks” if I accidentally enable VPN policies, also the PC not on VPN can connect to PC on VPN but the connection is not stable enough for remote desktop. Basically WIFI on my device is ustable. on LAN everything is smooth… Is there a way to fix or patch this?

You mean that when you use vpn policy, the LAN devices has leaks, right?

Can you let me know the firmware version you are using? I can test one more time.

Yes, with any VPN policy enabled, LAN Devices leak
I guess my firmware 3.211 is what it says in upgrade tab

Is there another model that has better wifi and not these issues i can buy?

Im willing to pay more for a better model/version if it solves this issue, or a firmware update.

I am using Beryl with firmware 3.212 beta compiled on 2022-04-26

I use Nordvpn to test.

Try vpn policy multiple times and my lan device behave as expected.

If you could give me a step-by-step guide how to test the leak it is appreciated.

Hello, I have upgraded to firmware 3.212 beta, and rebooted the router. The LAN now works as expected! Thanks!