No Wifi Calling with New Firmware/Flint AX 1800


So recently I needed to upgrade the firmware for my Flint AX 1800. I upgraded it to the 4.5 no problem, then I upgraded on the application to the new 4.5.16. I use my router in repeater mode. I do have wifi calling when connected to the repeated from network. I do not have wifi calling when connecting to either network on the Flint - vpn in use or not. I do not get wifi calling.

At my prior apt, (i live abroad) I was not able to get the wifi calling to work with the repeated network, and it worked just fine on the vpn with the flint. I had to upgrade from

Can anyone help fix this so I can use wifi calling on both networks? Again -- vpn on or off, it does not work, with vpn on my phone on or off, wifi calling works fine on the main network. Seems to be something on the flint getting blocked. I have enabled SIP ALG and that did not resolve the issue.

Thank you!

From our experience, wifi calling is only related to

  1. VPN. If the vpn location is out side of the allow region by your carrier, wifi calling may not work.
  2. SIP ALG

But as you have said you tested both, I cannot tell the reason.

I suggest that you have another try.

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Possible solutions:

  • Check if there are newer firmware updates available.
  • Look for Wi-Fi calling settings specific to repeater mode.
  • Consider downgrading firmware if newer versions don't fix the issue (assuming it's safe to do so on your device).