No Wifi to AR150

i bought a used AR150-ext2 and I can hardly connect to it via Wifi on my iPhone. I get the error „connection to network xy failed“. Sometimes it prompts wrong password. I already Made a Factory reset on gl inet 3.0.2 Firmware and now i am on ddwrt Firmware And get Same Errors. Any suggestions?

I want to know, if the wifi antenna is connected?

Did you ever connect or disconnect the antenna while the router is powered?

If you move your phone very close to the router, can it connect?

The above check is to make sure the radio is not damaged. It is very likely this is the problem.

Yes, the wifi antenna is connected.

I didnt connect or disconnect the antenna while the router was powered on. But I bought the router in used condition. So I dont know if the pre-owner did so.

With my iPhone connecting depends on luck. With my Android phone and my Laptop I can connect when Im near the router (ca. 1-2 meters). When I go upstairs with my Android phone, I still can see the glinet Wifi but I cannot connect any more.

Any other test to check if the radio is damaged?

If you get away from the router for 5 meters and get very low signal bar, it may means that the radio is damaged.

It’s mysterious! Now Im about 5 meters away from the AR150 and I am connected with laptop via Wifi. Next to me is my iPhone. It shows the AR150 with maximum signal, but I cannot connect. “Connection to Network xy failed” (translated into english). My Android phone is also next to me and I cannot connect with that, too. The wifi signal is maximum on the android phone. The App Wifi Anlyzer shows that the AR150 is on Channel 7+11, 2442 MHz, 2472-2432=40Mhz and has 52dBm. The android phone shows the error message “Error in the wifi connection” (translated into english).

Cause I am connected via my laptop I doubt that the radio is damaged :-?

I do think it is damaged. No way to output 52dbm

How do I repair this?

It is hardware damage. Cannot repair. Get an exchange

Do I understand you correctly? You don’t mean that the range is bad when operating without an antenna. You mean the router is damaged!?

Yes. That is what I meant.