Node.js not able to run

We are having trouble installing node.js on the MT300a from the build provided at 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

This is not specific to one build but in general all the builds that are available for MT300a fail to run Node.js by throwing Illegal Instruction.

A bit of digging into Google search, reveals that it could be likely due to FPU emulation not being set by default in openwrt builds.

Has anyone got any luck in getting the node.js working, in particular on how to set the FPU emulation in the kernel (through kernel_menuconfig)?

Much appreciate the response from the Gurus.

Hi, please download the testing firmware from GL.iNet download center

opkg update

opkg install node

It should work now. Please report if you still have any problems.

Thanks a bunch @alzhao it works!

Now how I can build this image myself. There are few packages I would not need (openvpn etc), and would like to have a way to generate this from a image builder, or from the source make. What would be the options?


I do have an image builder. I will send to you on monday.

Thanks a lot @alzhao, that would be a good help.

Hi @alzhao, wanted to find if you have a chance to share the imagebuilder file that you mentioned. Thanks

It looks like your testing mt300a is no longer available. I saw one for ar150 but it doesn’t seem to be working for node either. It seems that no available builds have a working node version.

Do you have an ImageBuilder that has a working node package for the mt300a or ar150?

UPDATE: I found that this file GL.iNet download center has a working version of node. Do you have the ImageBuilder file for this so the build can be customized?

@jeffj, the imagebuilder is available at 404 Page not found - GL.iNet