NodeJS 4.2.6 with MIPS V8

Do you think it would be possible to compile NodeJS 4.2.6 with MIPS V8 for the GL-Inet MT300A and GL-Inet 6416?

This is a port of the V8 Engine for MIPS. It should be possible to use this to compile NodeJS 4.2.6 for GL-Inet routers.

The version of NodeJS currently in the repository for the GL-Inet MT300A is 0.12.7 which is super ancient and quite frankly irrelevant these days. It is very buggy and most software does not support it.


I’m having troubles figuring out how to cross compile software for my router, since most tutorials give the impression that I must compile the entire firmware with the software built in. I’d try this myself if you could possibly give me a small tutorial on how to cross compile software without building the entire firmware, specifically for the MT300A.

Make does not seem to exist for OpenWRT (at least on the firmware itself) so I cannot compile software on the router, which I think would be the most ideal way to do it. It’s quite a shame really.

hi @donglord, Thanks for this information.

To cross compile nodejs, you don’t need to compile openwrt, but you will then need to download openwrt toolchain. I think the easiest way is to modify the old Makefile, use the newest code and have a try. Seems compiling nodejs is a trouble but this is definitely our interests. We are busy with upgrading our firmware now. Once this is done, we will investigate nodejs asap.

Okay, thanks!

I look forward to this.

I am really interested in this too. I’m wanting to get Mosquito, node.js and Node-Red working to make an IoT Broker.

Most folks are using Raspberry Pi for this at present.

I got a version just about working on another router following Chris Swan’s work at Node-RED on WRTnode | Chris Swan's Weblog

but using a USB stick is not ideal.

Any help, pointers or tips would be most welcome as I’m pretty green on Open-wrt.

If it works on wrtnode, it works on GL-MT300A, as it is the same chip. MT300A has a sdcard built in so I think you can install in the sd card.


The version of Node they installed in that tutorial is even older than the one currently in the MT300A’s repository.

You can install NodeJS, however it is very old. The version of NodeJS we are referring to in this post is 4.2.6 minimum.