None of the recent SpitzAX betas' modems work

I’ve tried Betas from the last few days, and all of them have inoperative (i.e., “not showing up” modems).

Is this expected? Only the Beta from 4/15 works, and it has issues still (I can’t get the Wireguard Client to route packets).

So, any info guys? Shouldn’t the nightlies at least have the same functionality as an earlier Beta?

Did you post before this? What model is your modem?

The 5G NR version; if you look up my E-mail you should be able to get your IMEI from your internal database.

I kind of agree with you! Since I have got my hands on the unit I have been testing all releases- none of them worked except the one you mentioned :wink:

Although I like the Spitz, it seems to me still unfinished product and needs a lot of development efforts. I even found Bluetooth daemons running by default while the unit does not have a Bluetooth!

I have spent long hours tweaking and fixing system and kernel errors till I got it in a functional state!

I hope gl.inet pay more attention to this product in terms of software updates and rigorous testing !