(Noob)How to ssh and change ttl in GL-AR750

Hello I’m new to networking and routers using openwrt software.

My aim is to take my GL-AR750 and configure it so I am able to use the unlimited data plan in my Verizon Moto E6 phone while I tether the phone to the router via usb.

Skill set.

I know know how to login into the administrators account of my a router.

I also know how to ssh inside the router using my password and the router’s IP address.

I don’t know how to issue line commands or configure the router I’m a complete newbie to openwrt or Linux

Please walk me through the step by process after you are able to login into the router to configure the router to mangle the ip tables so that your ttl is 65.

I need where to summon the router to even see ip tables and where and how to insert the code to insure that router now is configured where it reads my router tethered to my phone as if I’m on the phone by itself.

You can refer to this post.

Just type that command in your ssh terminal.