Nord vpn issue on Flint AX1800

Nord vpn keeps disconnecting on my Flint. I would reconnect using the Glinet app and in a matter of minutes it would disconnect. It takes a while before i can reconnect. Im on 4.1 firmware. Adguard is on with dns rebinding also on. I use to have this issue with fw 3.214 and was glad it disappeared when i upgraded to fw 4.1. But for some reason its back. I read somwhere the in the forum the same issue but with fw 4.2 and its with wireguard.

Are you using Nord Openvpn or Wireguard?

Which region are you in? Do you have Internet censorship there?

Im using Nord OpenVPN. Im using the Glinet app to connect the vpn to US servers to stream Hbo disney etc. Im in the Philippines. I tried reverting the firmware but afterwards its still 4.1 because i cant seem to go back to 3.214 and reinstalled the Glinet app and was able to connect again to Nord with dns rebinding off. Im still observing if it will disconnect.

Waiting for your further update.

After 2 days i havent experienced any disconnections from Open vpn (Nord). I read various posts about Flint and followed the suggestions and so far so good.

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