Nord vpn

I was wondering if there was a script I can run in shh of my hub what will detect that the server is connected via open vpn so Nord vpn and for say I’m playing a game and some one Ddos the server the script will auto detect the server is down and auto switch to the next server on the list I’ve tried asking ai lol and exspermented with it but I give up lol I’ve come to the pros for help

VPN is not very effective against DDOS or DOS attack if your actual IP address is already known. You will want to get a new static address from ISP or have it switched to another dynamic IP pool.

Can you confirm whether your NordVPN plan is with shared IP addresses, or with a dedicated IP address? I do not think you can switch to another server with a dedicated IP because it would be hosted on a specific server.

On a NordVPN shared IP plan, NordVPN has good DDOS protection implemented on their servers:

On a NordVPN dedicated IP plan, I suggest you ask NordVPN Support whether they have DDOS protection mechanisms.

You can probably develop a script to detect server being down by pinging the Internet (e.g.,, and restarting NordVPN on a different server if there is no Internet connectivity. I am not aware of such a script already existing.

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