Not all assigned DHCP leases being shown in "Clients" page

I have a managed network switch on my LAN; it is configured to DHCP itself an address on the current network so you can get to the management web interface. I’ve been trying to find it on the (AXT1800) “Clients” page, but it’s not there- but it exists in the LuCI DHCP and DNS “Active DHCP Leases” page (and I happened to look there, first I logged in and ran “arp -a” and found the switch’s MAC).

In this specific case, the switch is on 8.194 .

What’s the criteria for adding an assigned lease to the “Clients” page? See the screenshots for clarification.

 OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT, r16273+114-378769b555
root@GL-AXT1800:~# arp -a
IP address       HW type     Flags       HW address            Mask     Device    0x1         0x2         cc:f7:35:ce:10:5c     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         08:5a:11:a8:fd:d0     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         00:e0:4c:68:00:b5     *        br-lan      0x1         0x2         10:da:43:61:10:cf     *        eth3    0x1         0x2         04:b4:29:82:91:47     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         f4:0f:24:0a:fd:26     *        br-lan    0x1         0x0         6a:7d:25:21:29:63     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         88:66:5a:56:93:ce     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         00:e0:4c:68:00:b5     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         00:e0:4d:76:da:69     *        br-lan

Only devices that use traffic will be shown in the list on the “Clients” page.

Can you tell us what do you need to do to display the switch on the “Clients” page? The “Speed Limit” and “Block WAN” in the “Clients” page do not work for the switch.

How much traffic do you need to see to consider a device to be “use[ing] traffic”? The “Status” page on my managed-switch’s router sends at least 100KB of TCP data every time I refresh it. I do see finally today that it’s showing up in the “Clients” page, but in any case I think the threshold for being listed there should come down a bit.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your question?

It only requires 1 byte to be uploaded or downloaded.

The above traffic refers to LAN-to-WAN traffic, maybe your switch’s traffic is LAN-to-LAN traffic?
If your switch sends a request to the WAN, it should show up in the list soon.

We would like to know what is the reason for you to view the switch device in the “Clients” page.

Because the “Clients” page has two main functions:

  1. to see how much Internet traffic is used by each client device
  2. restrict the traffic used by client devices (Block WAN or Limit Speed)

These two functions are not appropriate on the switch, which usually does not use Internet data, and the forwarded traffic is actually used by the end devices.

Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, it would only do that to check for firmware updates and such.

Because I need to know what IP address it’s been given when the switch does a DHCP request; I need to know the IP of the management interface so I can change/control various switch functions.


I understand. We will improve the display logic of the “Clients” page in the next version.

Can you use SSH to execute the following command and then reinsert the switch to see if it shows up on the client page?

cat >> /etc/hotplug.d/dhcp/01-dhcp-ping << EOF

if [ "\$ACTION" = "update" -a -n "\$IPADDR" ];then
    ping \$IPADDR -q -w 5 &
chmod 777 /etc/hotplug.d/dhcp/01-dhcp-ping

@dengxinfa - sorry for the late reply, saw this when you’d posted it but was on a plane back home at the time. My SlateAX is on the other side of the country RN (along with that switch) but I’ll be back there soon and will try your code out.

I know this topic hasn’t been used in about two years now, but the title explains my issue precisely.

I’m using the Beryl AX MT3000 (v4.4.6), and I used Luci to configure 3 subnets:

(The 192.168.8.x subnet was the default with the router)

I can’t figure out why, but the gl-inet Admin panel doesn’t display any information for the subnet 10.x.x.x subnets. My devices are all able to access the internet without issue, and are assigned IPs in the correct range for any of the subnets.

When I run cat /tmp/dhcp.leases I see that my devices are listed:

1710925229 1e:a7:de:ad:be:ef Chromecast 01:1e:a7:de:ad:be:ef
1710917272 c4:9e:e8:e5:ff:49 * 01:c4:9e:e8:e5:ff:49
1710913414 00:03:93:00:00:00 My-PC 01:00:03:93:00:00:00
1710924420 ag:68:b9:51:64:81 * 01:ag:68:b9:51:64:81

Same with arp -a:

root@GL-MT3000:/tmp# arp -a
IP address       HW type     Flags       HW address            Mask     Device    0x1         0x2         b4:0c:25:e0:c0:12     *        eth0    0x1         0x2         ag:68:b9:51:64:81     *        br-lan    0x1         0x0         bc:df:58:4f:db:16     *        br-lan    0x1         0x0         8e:d3:09:f8:7e:7e     *        br-lan      0x1         0x0         bc:df:58:4f:db:16     *        br-iot  0x1         0x2         3c:d9:2b:52:d2:da     *        eth0      0x1         0x2         1e:a7:de:ad:be:ef     *        br-guest    0x1         0x2         c4:9e:e8:e5:ff:49     *        br-lan    0x1         0x2         00:03:93:00:00:00     *        br-lan

What do I have to do to get the Admin panel to recognize clients on my subnets?

Any help is appreciated.

Since you are going behind the the easy GL GUI options (by choosing to have more than 2 networks) you should get rid of it and use luci instead.