[NOTE] F/W 4.4.6-r1 doesn't support F2FS 'agtc' or 'lazytime' options

  • Device: Flint (GL-AX1800)
  • Firmware: 4.4.6-release1
  • Kernel: Linux flint 4.4.60 #0 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 8 06:17:16 2023 armv7l GNU/Linux
Tue Nov 14 19:56:33 2023 kern.err kernel: [ 2240.733298] F2FS-fs (sda1): Unrecognized mount option "atgc" or missing value
Tue Nov 14 20:01:05 2023 kern.err kernel: [ 2513.387145] F2FS-fs (sda1): Unrecognized mount option "lazytime" or missing value

Yet there’s no issue on my Certa (GL-AR750) running 4.3.7-release4 (Linux certa 5.10.176 #0 Sun Apr 9 12:27:46 2023 mips GNU/Linux).

GL really does need to get a more cohesive versioning strategy rolling. Firmware versions really shouldn’t be such a crapshoot in expectations, capabilities when flashing our devices.




I tried MT3000 with kernel version 5.4.211,
and found it only supports “lazytime” mount option.

root@GL-MT3000:~# logread -f
Wed Nov 15 14:17:56 2023 kern.err kernel: [149309.822800] F2FS-fs (sda1): Unrecognized mount option "atgc" or missing value

I checked the code is missing a related part, so it needs to kernel upgrade.
AX1800 kernel 4.4.60 f2fs: no atgc and no lazytime
MT3000 kernel 5.4.211 f2fs: no atgc
AR750 kernel 5.10.176 f2fs: both atgc and lazytime

kernel 4.4.60 should only support lazytime for ext4, no atgc at all.

Thanks for that. It’s a shame given such flags could save some wear & tear on the media.