[Note] This is Why I Still Buy GL.iNet Devices

Ya see this, folks? On top of the fact GL builds upon the open source, libre, and oh so powerful OpenWrt Linux… you just can’t expect this kind of support from any organization, commercial or ‘community’:

Their hardware initially attracted me but I’ve learned In my limited experience they take suggestions, criticisms in stride. I’ve never seen another technology-related company do what they do; things would probably be a lot easier for everyone if more did.

Keep it up, GL, please.


It seems others are generally able to connect a 3rd-party router to Starlink through a $25 Ethernet adapter


I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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That’s another nice list but it’s off topic. Still, I know that 25.00USD for a so-called ‘Starlink Ethernet Adapter’ is better off in my wallet than Musk’s.

… & I have enough of a ‘rat’s nest’ as it is. YMMV.