Novice needs help

I am a CA State employee that is currently teleworking from home. I am looking at some real estate opportunities in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and would like to take my equipment and work there for a few months.

Is it possible to configure the MV1000W to operate via WiFi and use my NordVPN account to mask my location and allow me to work without detection?

If so how can I set it up because not able to put GL or NordVPN on my work desktop. Any recommendations?


Just set up Nord on the router as to OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

You can also use our smartphone app which you can set up Nord much easier.

Pls choose a server in CA to connect.

If you have your own server in CA and that is better.

After set up, check if you are using Internet in CA. Just Google “what is my IP”

Thanks for the response. I was on the right track and I am taking your advice and using the mobile app to manage the client using a server in Cali… I identified and saved a couple to the mobile app already!

Thanks again…I am traveling to Cabo on Saturday…I will message you if I run into any issues, if you don’t mind!


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I got to Cabo and was unable to connect to the MV1000. I think the main issue was that the unit was set up on my home wifi. It worked fine at home as I was able to access/use my work desktop wirelessly.

I think the big issue is that when I initially set it up, I set it up in Repeater mode that had me assign my home network as the SSID. I was unable to access the MV1000 or make changes to because I needed to connect to it through my home network 1st? Does that make sense?

I tried to use a LAN connection to change it but was unable to reboot or reset it. Couldn’t access the

Tried all the different browsers.

The updated application (white logo)wouldn’t load and was unable to access admin page on the(green logo) application.

I am sure it will work. Just need to resolve the application access issues to make the changes.

Any suggestions :thinking:

Another issue was I was not able to access the application page in order to change the wifi settings

I was unable to reset the unit to factory settings

nordvpn have a Glinet tutorial here: Nordvpn Glinet Tutorial

The router does not boot? Do the LEDs light up?

I am in Admin…was able to reboot. I am now connected without internet.

Do I skip connection and go directly to VPN?

You need to connect to Internet first.

If there is an Internet cable you can connect via the cable.

If there is a wfi you can connect as repeater.

If there is a captive portal you need to refer to Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs